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Ari Marta Chagoya


     It is very hard to write about yourself. It feels like I'm bragging because I think we are all gifted and really I'm not that different of  a human being.

     We all have the ability to heal. I think each of us asked Creator to take on a human body and asked  be reborn because we had a dream or wish to do  our work for Mother Earth . I believe that many of us are depressed, angry, confused, full of anxiety and frustration because we aren't right in our soul. We aren't right in our inside until we find our reasons for being here. I believe we have a heartbreak or trauma that we need to heal. Some of us need to heal our own selves and some of us need to heal as group of people (ex. Women, Latino, Black etc.).

     In my "practice",  or so far the people I have met through my work are usually healers that need healing too. I used to think I had to be perfect to help someone heal. I am not. I have my own struggles. My teacher says, "There is no healer worth a damn that hasn't had their heart broken". She told me, after my first healing with her that I was a "Healer of Broken Hearts and Hopeless Cases."

​     Madonna sings in her song ,"Frozen"-You're frozen if your heart is broken". If the story of your life is written in your heart,then my main job, even if its doing bodywork, is to listen to your story. But our body remembers what the mind wants to forget.  Bodywork/Energy work was faster than  psychotherapy for me. Memories are stored in our body. Sobadas move us faster. This is the reason why I work with our physical body.

     As we heal our trauma or hurts, then our gifts and reasons for being on the planet  become clearer. I love that I get to be part of that journey with you. And somewhere along my own healing is connected to yours. I discover new information about myself. You are another me.

**********************************************************************************************      What people say about me:


     Ari has magic hands. When she works on you she takes her time. She makes you feel welcome in her home. She's very thorough and respectful making sure you are comfortable and feel safe. This to me is the most important because being in a vulnerable position and feeling safe is important in the healing process. It helps you relax better and allows you to release any stuck energy. I left feeling at peace and very nurtured. My body felt sooo much better for weeks afterwards. I'm due for another visit Ari. Thanks for being such a gentle, kind and loving healer. -Yvette Mendez

     Ari is the healer of broken hearts, lost souls , and hopeless cases. She goes to places most people don't want to go and will NEVER go. She is truly a unconditional lover but she's an ASSHOLE with the susto ,mierda, y Ojo that May have taken hold of you! She LOVES BIG , WALKS FIRE , and is one of the most open hearted healers on this planet!!!-Luna Wood

    Ari, you helped me fight a strong drug addiction you stood right by by side trew my withdrawals massaging all my pains away you stayed and made sure I was feelin ok and in no pain befor leavin I been sober from that drug for 5 months. Now you took the demon out of me.

-Alexandra A.